What Does An In-Home Newborn & Family Photo Session Look Like?

When you have a newborn baby sometimes the thought of getting the whole family ready, packing up the car and getting yourselves over to a photo studio in the first two weeks after giving birth can be overwhelming.

In-home newborn sessions are popular among many new mums for this very reason - it's so easy!

And if you have a special pet at home they can easily be included in the photos too.

I wanted to share with you some images from a typical in-home newborn and family photo session... this shoot was with a family of six - one ten day old baby, two busy parents, two older siblings and their dog Biscuit. It was busy, yet relaxed and calm at the same time.

The beauty of in-home photography is that it's quick, and you don't need to leave your house. Everyone feels completely at ease and in their comfort zone, especially the baby and any other children - which always shines through in the photos.

We will naturally have nice organic poses, lots of laughs and most importantly nothing is forced or fake here.

The photos will almost always be taken on the bed, which is usually the only small area that we use. There is no need to tidy the whole house.

Mum borrowed a breastfeeding friendly dress from my client wardrobe, and the rest of the family wore coordinating neutral, warm/earthy tones. Bub's knitted romper is also from my client wardrobe, along with the blankets and wraps.

Their family dog Biscuit jumped on the bed for some photos with the baby at the end of the session, and these are some of their favourites.

Most families really want to ensure we capture a good photo of the whole family together. These family photos of everyone in the picture are often considered the holy grail as they are pretty much impossible to capture in everyday life. These are also often the most precious memories which are created into heirloom wall art.

I hope this blog post has been enlightening and provided some clarity on whether or not an in-home newborn photo experience would be right for you and your family.

Much love, Natalie x

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